Upon engagement, we reach out to best-in-class senior brokers – regardless of company affiliation –  based on their individual depth of local and regional market knowledge and skillset.  We qualify them thoroughly and hand-pick the best match to work with Lancet and our client. These local partners then become members of the Lancet team for that specific assignment and assist with site location, underwriting, on-the-ground marketing efforts, property showings, market intelligence, negotiation, due diligence control, closing and post-closing administration.  The key to the success of this method is three-fold:

•    Throughout each assignment, Lancet acts as the single point of contact for our client and oversees the entire acquisition, disposition or leasing process. This results in consistent and seamless execution and ensures that all assignments and reports are completed properly and delivered when expected.

​•    Lancet has developed uniform state-of-the-art site location, valuation, marketing, due diligence and reporting forms and procedures that are customized to our individual client's particular needs.

•    Providing each of our teams and assignments with experienced institutional management ensures that consistent, professional service is rendered on every single engagement.

Our Bottom Line​

The Lancet team operates from the experience and point of view of the owner, rather than from a transaction-oriented mindset. This is what truly sets us apart from our competitors.​

•    Our clients' goals and objectives come first - our commitment and processes are 100% focused on this priority - nothing else is as important.